To Midgard



The city guard didn’t concern Sif in the least. Humans were fragile, weak. An Æsir would have no trouble overtaking them if they decided to attack, though she would have been loathe to injure them when they were only attempting to protect their home.

Sif watched them with cautious eyes as Fandral intervened, and the guards seemed to have a few things to say, but they were interrupted by the screeching of tires and car doors swinging open and slamming shut. Now, these men she knew to be more of a threat. Her hand rested casually on the pommel of her sword, ready to draw it at a moment’s notice if necessary.

The agent seemed to recognize them, though, and he assured the others that these weren’t hostiles. “We are Thor’s comrades,” Sif confirmed for their benefit. “It is of utmost importance to the safety of this realm and all others that we be taken to Thor immediately.” Her tone spoke of sincere urgency. There was no time to waste.

Taking a moment to themselves, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents conferred with each other and one of them mumbled into a small electronic device before nodding and moving to open one of the SUV doors. “Come with us, please,” he said.

Sif looked at the other Asgardians and climbed into the vehicle, setting her pack on the floor by her feet as Fandral and Hogun followed suit. When the SUV pulled back into traffic, Sif watched the other cars pass by in fascination.

“Agent Coulson has passed away,” the agent driving the truck informed them. “Your friend Loki killed him when he was here last time.” There was a bitterness in his voice, and Sif’s brow furrowed at the unfortunate news and the tone he’d taken with them.

“Loki is no friend of ours,” she rebuffed. “We are sorry for your loss,” she added more softly.

Ah, Fandral. Stalwart friend and so good at saying what needed to be said so Hogun didn’t need to. The agents who had deemed it necessary to draw weapons on them got most of Hogun’s attention, though he mad no threatening move aside from raising an eyebrow and looking uite unimpressed.

Still, they backed down some when Fandral yelled at one of them, and when Sif began to explain- good. Hogun just nodded if they glanced at him, confirming whatever the others said. And then they were apparently believed, or at the very least, gently taken into custody (and that is what was happening, Hogun was no fool, and these S.H.I.E.L.D agents were no less) and ushered into vehicles almost identical to the ones they’d been escorted back to the Bifrost site back in the desert in.

Hogun leaned back, resting his hand on his mace’s handle (he refused to relinquish it to the agents, and they didn’t appear to argue after he stared them down long enough) and only once did any emotion beyond patience register- at the news of the human Agent Loki had apparently slain.

Well. Loki had slain many, on Midgard and elsewhere, he asusmed- but he bowed his head in respect. “My regrets.” He offered, only remembering snippets of the man from their brief time in New Mexico. He’d been very goal-oritented, and not much for small talk. Hogun had rather liked him.

The truck driver’s comment got him the tail end of Hogun’s bitterest stare, and the Asgardian nearly spat for the suggestion. “Loki is just as much a criminal on Asgard as he is here. Our friend he is no longer. This is why we must find Thor-“

The Agent nearest him held up a hand. “We’re going to try to help you guys, don’t worry. But you were going in the wrong direction. And frankly, you were scaring civilians.”

Hogun stared at him, and made a quiet noise in the back of his throat that for him translated into ‘Yeah, And your point is what again I am losing my patience.’ He remained silent and impassive for the rest of the ride, merely shrugging at Fandral and trusting the Midgard soldiers to lead them to Thor.

Hearing of Phil Coulson’s death burned Fandral to his core. It wasn’t that he really knew much about the man or had had any type of communication with him during the short time they were in each other’s presence. But Thor had spoken highly of both the Son of Coul and Jane Foster’s companions. He knew that such a loss would effect both the Thunder God and his earthly allies tremendously. So for the dashing one, it was a silent trip. Now feeling thankful that he had a window seat, he simply gazed out at the bright lights and the vast city through the dark tint of the windows. 

Normally, he would protest travel by these steel contraptions. But the three were in no position to deny any help. And these agents promised to take them right to Thor. Once in a while, he’d glance around at his companions offering weak but reassuring smiles. The mood had turned somber rather quickly. The devastation caused by the attack still prevalent in all corners of the area from the memorials to the roped off sections where rubble and debris had yet to be collected. 

When they reached SHIELD’s Manhattan base, it couldn’t have been a second too soon. The agents and Asgardians piled out of the vehicles and Fandral moved close to his friends as they followed what appeared to be the man in charge of the squadron into the building. He no longer shot out question after question, inquiry or concern. Fandral simply followed as he had become accustomed to doing when Thor was around. 

(Source: theeverdashingone)